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Welcome to the unofficial forums for TheMeatly's indie horror game, Bendy and the Ink Machine (BATIM)! As per usual, this forum has a few guidelines to help ensure all content posted here is clean and safe for work. All rules are expected to be read through and followed by all members.

• Do not spam anything, unless you are going to do so in the Spam Zone section. In that case, you may do so (just keep it appropriate).

• Do not post any sexual/graphic content, or links to such. This also includes any sexual jokes/innuendos. Just to clarify, anything bordering NSFW should be avoided.

• Do not pretend to be a staff member, or somebody from TheMeatly games. Seriously, this is pretty stupid to try to break.

• Mind your choice of words. Keep in mind that ANYONE can see what you post.

• Do not harass/bully other users.

• Do not post malicious/dangerous links ANYWHERE, especially in the Spam Zone. Don't promote this activity, either. Remember that outgoing links are scanned, and users are asked if they want to go to the site that they clicked on.

• Try to stay on topic.

• Please try to post in the correct section. If you have mistakenly posted in the wrong section, then request for a moderator or administrator to move it to the correct section.

• If a forum has its own set of rules, then please be sure to follow those in addition.

• Avoid necro-posting, which means to post on an old topic that is irrelevant and no longer active.

• Avoid starting, participating, and encouraging flame-wars. A flame-war is a string of posts between two or more users that is highly similar to an argument, but is typically more hostile.

• Try to respect all users. This means to not discriminate based on age, sex, religion, race, etc. Bigotry, racism, sexism, and anything similar is not allowed here, nor is it encouraged.

• Do not attempt to evade a ban (creating a new account just to get around a ban), or encourage this behavior.

• Please be respectful to other user's privacy. This means, do not threaten or attempt to doxx a user, or post any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This also includes blackmailing, or threatening to do so.

• Do not encourage any behavior that violates the rules. This is just as bad as violating them yourself.

• Swearing is partially allowed, as long as it is not used in a derogatory sense, or to attack another user or person. To be safe, only swear for emphasis.

• Keep in mind that every user has their own, personal opinions. When said opinions are expressed, try to remain respectful and acklowledge other users' opinions, regardless if you agree with them or not.

• Moderators, Administrators, and Staff in general always have the final say, and be sure to respect their decisions. If you think that they made a wrong decision, then please be sure to message them privately with your counter argument. If you think that a staff member is abusing their powers, then please contact the Board Manager.

• Keep in mind that this is an English forum, and we suggest that you use that language when communicating here.

• Unless a staff member allows it or it is in a certain section, advertising social media, websites, or anything of the like is prohibited.

• In respect to theMeatly, you are not allowed to post links or attach free copies of Bendy and the Ink Machine. If you want the game, then buy it. It's that simple.

• Please, keep theMeatly's Fan Content policy in mind when using this forum. You can read it here. Anything that is prohibited by that list will also be prohibited here, in respect to the game's developer.

• Our staff respects our members' security and privacy. We will never ask for your password, and we do not think that theMeatly will ever do so. Never give your password to ANYONE! NOBODY! We're serious.

• Please do not ask to be a staff member.

• Although not strictly enforced, Double Posting is discouraged on these forums. Unless it is in a showcase thread, especially if you're the author, please try to avoid double posting. It is at a moderator's discretion if a double post constitutes as rule breaking, in which will result in the post being deleted. Repeated offenses can result in a warning.

• Above all, fear the machine.

If you are unsure about a rule, or cannot figure out if an action that you want to take is allowed, use your common sense. You may also PM a staff member if you have any questions. We are around to help, not to scare people.
If you see a user breaking a rule, especially in a post, then please report it by clicking the cogwheel, and then clicking "Report". You can also report a member by navigating to their profile, and clicking the "Report" button. Reporting content helps us take care of it faster. If a user is breaking the rules through a PM, such as that they are harassing/threatening you, then please screenshot the PM, and send it to a staff member to take care of it. The staff cannot see PMs that they are not involved in (for user's privacy).
Upon violating a rule, you will receive a warning. When a warning is received, your warning level will increase. Each member's warning level starts at 0%, and increases up to 100%, which will then result in a ban. The amount that the warning level increases is dependent on what rule you broke, what you did to break it, and how severe the infraction is.
If you believe to be banned or received a warning unfairly, then please PM a staff member for help so we can sort it out.
Please keep in mind that these rules are subject to change at any time. That being said, you will be notified of any rule changes. However, administrators and the board manager reserve the right to change the rules without prior notice. It is the member's job to keep an eye on any potential rule changes.

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